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  • Kimberley, Nottingham, UK


Accredited Person Centred counsellor and clinical supervisor

Individual counselling

Life can be a challenge and at times talking through those challenges can ease some of the heaviness, and help you make sense of your unique journey. As a person centred counsellor, my role is to create a safe space whereby you can choose what you want to talk through which can broaden your awareness of what you have or are experiencing. Within this safe space, I offer empathy, warmth and a non judgmental attitude that can facilitate you to talk more freely. The person centred model values your capacity for personal growth, especially if you have a safe enough environment on which to explore your thoughts, reactions and behavior’s. I can offer you the safe space upon which you can navigate and explore your own unique journey.

£45.00 per 50 minute session

Clinical Supervision

I am a PCE-CFD supervisor for a Healthcare provider and a University in Nottingham. Supportive clinical supervision is important for you delve into your concerns and explore what these concerns mean to you personally. This can help you to grow and enhance your relationship with your client’s too. Working ethically can provide a safe environment and this is an important factor in supervision, I follow the BACP ethics and principles which together would support you in facilitating your sessions with your client’s ethically.

£45.00 per hour

£65.00 per hour and half